20 Apr 2015

Setup: Intro

Story selected: Surreal

This one's fun. Originally, I didn't intend to make it so mysterious, it's just that the nature of the mechanic is such that you'd understand my version better if you discover it organically. However, as per input from some of you, mysterious it shall be (to some extent, anyways). I've even managed to tie it into some real-life conspiracy theories.

The plot has now been tweaked, finagled, and fleshed out enough that we can begin. Here's to hoping we get the good end! ;)


By participating in the comments, y'all are going to become the little voices in the head of our protagonist. What you think, he thinks. What you want, he wants. What you say to do, he will try, but may fail at hilariously.

Now, to introduce yourself. You are a brilliant yet misunderstood entrepreneur with most of a degree in electrical engineering who lives in the beautiful little village of Manteno, California (about a half hour drive from San Fransisco). You've been working with your three close entrepreneur buddies on a project that you are 100% convinced has the power to change the world for the better. You just haven't had much success in getting anyone else to share the dream enough to throw you a wad of cash. You also have a name. And it is a good name. And you know what it is. And you told me what it was, I'm sure. Now, tell me, what was it again? Sorry, I... must have forgotten.

Final note: I know I shouldn't have to say this, but for completeness... Please, if you don't want spoilers, Google carefully. I'd recommend only using Wikipedia, if that. And if you do happen to find spoilers, please don't force them on anyone else.