26 Apr 2015


Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep...


You make a half-hearted attempt at opening your eyes. It doesn't work; you're so tired, they may as well be glued shut.

Something doesn't feel right.

You reach for your alarm clock's snooze button, but find your phone. It vibrates and continues to beep.

Then it dawns on you. This isn't my bed. Where am... Oh, I must have...

You answer the phone. It's Allison. What could she possibly want at this time of early.

"Ross? Where are you? We've been waiting outside for, like, ten minutes!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm awake. I... What? Oh. I'm..." You sit up and look around. "I'm not at my apartment. I fell asleep at the Lab, apparently. I was working on a—"

You hear Sean grab the phone. "You just woke up?! Do you have any idea what time it is?!"

"Of course I do. It's..." You look around for a clock. It's 10:23. "Oh. Oh... Oh crap."

The VC presentation. It's today, it's in half an hour, it's unfathomably important, and you've just spent the last 6 hours drooling into your desk.

"Yeah, good morning, genius. Please tell me you're at least wearing clothes."

You look down to check. You're in your old stained NASA t-shirt and cargo shorts. "Uhm, kind of."

Ali shouts from the background, "It's okay, I'm grabbing your suit!" You hear the car door slam shut. Sean continues, "We'll be there in five minutes. Be ready." *Click.*

Fully awake now, you scoot back in your spinny chair and stand up. You yawn. Okay, so, not fully awake.

"The Lab" is your name for the warehouse that you and your friends rent for space for your startup. It's not too big as far as warehouses go—maybe 20' by 40'. It's sort of like an apartment or a condo; it's on the easternmost end of what you think used to be just one large building, but the owner put in walls dividing it up into smaller sections to rent out. It's plenty big enough for you though. The only time it ever felt small was when Ali brought in a pack of firecrackers during an all-nighter and set them off under your desk. There's a nice dent in the door where you ran into it while trying to rapidly evacuate.

Right now, it's divided into two sections. Towards the main door (on the south side) you've scooted a couple tables together into one large desk—the one you were just sleeping on. On the other side, there's a tarp marking out the active floor space of your makeshift mocap studio. There's a counter set along the east wall with a sink, microwave, and minifridge by the desk, and various cameras, quadcopter arms, and other electronic equipment scattered on it toward the mocap tarp.

You head over to the sink to grab a glass of water.