22 Jun 2015

The Cat

You finish your glass of water, then grab the pieces of the prototype and walk out onto Ali and Sean having an animated discussion over the cat sitting in Ali's lap.

"...should be euthanized. It's a hazard to our health. A week ago it nearly peed on me, and now this. Cat hair. All over my suit pants."

"D'aww! Widdle Fluffmuffin here jus' wanted a hug."

"Oh, well, in that case. C'mere you little… thing. I'll give you such a hug your eyes will bul—"

"Hey, have some mercy," you jump in. "I mean, it's a guy for gosh sakes. Call him something semi-dignified. Like Tom."

"And that is why you don't name things."

"No, we are not naming it! It does not get a name! It gets a brief car ride to a vet, or a dump site, or something. It is not staying here!"

"But he likes it here! Don't you, little guy?" The cat just stares up at her blankly.

"I know a vet," says Kara.

"Wha? Nooo!" Ali holds the cat's paws to its face in a look of mock horror, contrasting the one its eyes give: sheer boredom. It pulls its head back and starts licking its left paw.

"I'm sure she'd be happy to give it all the necessary immunizations."

"Yaay!" says the cat by unendorsed proxy.

"Kara, you're siding with this animal?"

"'Course she is. Jus' wookit his cute widdle face..." which is still showing the purest disinterest you think you've ever seen.

"Unh. We don't have time for this. Everyone, back in the car. I need to grab something from inside." Sean walks for the door. "No, 'everyone' does not include the cat," he says over his shoulder.

"Aw. Off you go Mister McCuteykins." Ali sets him out on the pavement.

"Yeah, have fun Steve," you say as you slide into the back seat next to her.

"You shoosh." Ali turns and notices the prototype on your lap. "Ooh! New toys!"

"Yeah, hopefully. Think you can get it to do more than blink by the time we get there?" You pass it to her and take another careful bite from your cooling Hot Pocket.

"We shall see..."