19 Jul 2015


…and then you remember that you are in possession of a most wonderful piece of modern technology. You pull out your smartphone and derp around on the interwebs. Pfft. "Deep." Yeah, right.

Part of your brain whines that you aren't being productive, but another part tells it that this counts as that stress relief thing or whatever, and their little argument fades away as you flick through funny GIFs and insightful blog posts about what the obvious best flavor of ice cream is or some such.

You're pulled out of your stupor by car door sounds. Momentary disorientation. Oh hey, we're here. You get out and stretch. Then you look down. Then you cringe. Gee, you're dressed really professionally.

Ali shoves a wad of clothing at you. Your suit, plus some cat. "I know, I know. Where would you be without me?"

You think for a second. "Prob'ly still asleep."

"You shoosh."

"Guys. Come on. We're late. Let's go."

The four of you head in with your standard complement of props and your new prototype in tow. You split off and head for the restroom to change.

"Where are you going?" calls Sean after you.

"The restroom…?"

"You know where it is?"

"Yeah, it's just around the corner." Wait, how…

"Okay. Be quick."

You round the corner and see the sign for the restrooms right where you expected it, which confuses you slightly; you've never been in here before. How do I know… Oh wait, this is just like that other building we were in for that presentation a couple days ago.

You become aware of people staring at you staring intently at the restroom sign. Your face flushes a little, and you head in. You pick an empty stall and start to change.

That was… weird…

A couple minutes later you emerge from your stall and check your appearance in the mirror. Your hair will have to do. You try and, uhh, 'sculpt' it into a reasonable shape. And you're going to have to nab Sean's lint roller, but yeah, the suit helped a lot. You roll your other clothes into a neatish wad and head out.

Someone is still staring at you.

You stare back at her. She's sitting in a chair at the end of the hall by a window. You… know her? No, but you think she seems like she knows you. Or is there something wrong with your suit? She smirks and breaks eye contact. You stare at her a little longer, trying to see if you can place her face, then edge toward the elevator, very discreet and ninja-like.

Then you turn and run back into the restroom and barely make it to a toilet before failing your fortitude save and uneating the contents of your stomach.

When you emerge, you note with displeasure that she is still looking at you and trying to contain a giggle. You give her the best stink eye you can muster, but you're pretty sure it comes off weak and embarrassed. You resist adding a flipped bird and make your way to the elevators.

You find the others sitting in a waiting area outside a conference room with large glass walls. It looks like another presentation is going on inside. Kara is watching it intently. Ali is watching the prototype intently. Sean is watching you intently.

"Took you long enough."

"Yeah, I, uhh, had to offer a prayer to the porcelain gods. Can Hot Pockets give you food poisoning?"

"I wouldn't be surprised."

Ali looks up. "Porcelain gods?"